To us success is that change of mindset of a child in the rural and deprived village, who have recognized that he or she has a sense of dignity, self-worth and the ability to contribute in building a global economy which is not only better but friendly to all generations to live. We have effectively and successfully organized motivational talks in numbered High Schools in Ghana to over 35,500 students' audience since inception in November 2017. We have built a uniquely collaborative team of dedicated graduates who are interested and dedicated to creating a community that encourages and engages students to flourish from various fields for voluntary engagements. In ten years’ time, we anticipate to have our programs running throughout the entire world for all students, especially those in the deprived and rural communities.

Motivation2Learn @ Islamic Science Senior High School.

inspiring our younger generation

Motivation2Learn @ Northern School of Business (NOBISCO)

inspiring our younger generation

Motivation2Learn Speakers in group picture with Students and Teachers of Tamale Senior High School

insipring our younger generation

Motivation2Learn @ Tamale Senior High School (TAMASCO)

inspiring our younger generation

Inspiring Our Younger Generation

Be ready to come out of your comfort zone and Never quit when you suffer setbacks

Be ready to come out of your comfort zone and Never quit when you suffer setbacks


What holds us back from our goals is fear. It is common among us. When too much fear gets in the way we end up doing nothing. Fear stems from the lack of confidence and irrational thinking. You have to understand that fear of what might come out down the track does not increase your chances at succeeding. Sometimes we are afraid to take risks because we think the odds are against us. We become so consumed by fear to the degree that we become irrational. To break out of your comfort zone is to have courage. Courage, you must remember, is not the absence of fear but acting despite your fears. While we cannot dismiss fear totally, we can increase our chances of winning by being rational in dealing with our circumstances as they are in the present moment. They say it is all in the mind. 


Winston Churchill once said: “Success is hopping from failure to failure.” The tendency when we fail is that we become easily frustrated and then surrender. Successful leaders did not make it to the top seamlessly and without mistakes along the way. As the old saying goes, Quitters never win and winners never quit.

Dare to dream big and Do not limit yourself

Dare to dream big and Do not limit yourself

Optimize your goals and never settle for less. While it is a golden rule to keep your goals achievable you should not limit what you might achieve. This means that set your goals without thinking whether you can achieve it or not. In the way to our success the variable is not the goals we set but rather our ability and willingness to achieve them. When you have big goals in life, they would push you to do more! So, dare to dream big.


Explore new possibilities. Be willing to expand your skills. In every assignment take your ability to the next level. Being able to master these tips no doubt you will become a person who knows demonization no more.Start making a big difference within to yourself. When you have the motivation all things are possible. When you get tired you can rest but never quit. Take time for yourself during which you save your energy in preparation for new challenges.


Finish what you started and Love what you do

Finish what you started and Love what you do      

Never leave things hanging. Always aspire for completion of your goals. Of course, being successful is not easy because we have to take care of so many things. But these small things are what build up our dream so never leave small details unaccomplished.


Indulge in happiness. The secret is not to do what you love but love what you do. New and unexpected things will pop up along the way and there is no other choice but learn to accept and work your way around it so might as well love what you do.

Grasp the present by living it fully and Accept mistakes

Grasp the present by living it fully and Accept mistakes


You must enjoy what you have at the moment. Don’t think too much about the future to the extent that you failed to appreciate the present. This suggests that while we are motivated to realize our goals in the future it does not mean we must forget about the present. Enjoy every step of the way.


They say mistakes are great opportunities because that is how we learn. Mistakes are stepping stones. We will not appreciate success without failure. Failure is what makes our success meaningful. We must find positive lessons from our every mistake.

Motivation2Learn @ Kanvili R/C JHS

Motivation2Learn @ Kanvili R/C JHS

Today, Motivation2Learn reached out to Kanvili R/C JHS to engage them with a motivational talk as the school celebrate its Catholic week. It was very interesting and amazing to see Mr. Lolo inspiring students on the topic: #How to #learn #effectively. He shared a story of how one Gifty girl overtook and led the class when he was at JHS. He gave two additional inspirational stories of a friend who dedicated himself to learn Core and Elective Mathematics and how he succeeded. Lastly he talk about a time when he relaxed with his studies when he was at the University of Ghana level 400 second semester and how it affected him negatively. He then linked up these amazing stories with students real life situation.


Going deep into the topic at hand, he encouraged students to do the following if they want to succeed. He asked students to revisit their lesson note immediately after class, providing students with scientific research on what happens if they fail to do so. He also asked students not to miss a class. Explaining further he said missing a class leaves a huge gap in ones learning, which when not taking serious can affect ones academic performance. This he encouraged the form 3 students especially not to absent themselves from school since this period in their stay in school is crucial.


He ended by telling students to know themselves and their learning style. He added that knowing yourself helps you to know whether you can sit for long hours to study or not. He crowned it by telling students that they can also succeed if they believe by changing their mindset. #Motivation2Learn Inspiring our younger generation.

Motivation2Learn @ Jusunayili JHS

You have a Brain, #Motivation2Learn @ Jusunayili JHS.

It was very inspiring and amazing to see how students were attentively listening to Mr. Richie speak about the power of the brain and how students can use it effectively. This is what he said, A lot more times students often underrate themselves especially those who are found battling with the red line. Some students give up, others withdraw from school, others become drug addicts when they come to suss out that they are performing really bad in class.


The scenario exacerbates when they turn out to be laughed at in class for performing that bad. So i decided to drop into their minds the power that they have as human beings. The power of the brain. I wanted them to realise that the state of their academic performance is not because they are not clever but rather because certain things have not been done well thus making the brains very dull. The brain is basically divided into three parts. We have the lower part as the STEM the middle as the cerebellum, and the ulterior part as the cerebrum.


CEREBRUM was our center of focus. In the cerebrum, there are two special dichotomy known as the SHORT TERM and LONG TERM. The short term is often referred to as the volatile memory. That is to say, things saved in there can eventually be lost if constant practise is not made about the content saved in there. Now, when consistent practice is made over and over, the data stored in there will automatically be stored in the long term memory. So as students the only thing that can make the brain active ,smart, recollect all the things learnt is by constantly practicing what has been learnt so that everything moves into the long tern memory."

Lolo @ Kanvili RC/ JHS

Richie @ Jusunayili JHS

Vincent @ Kanvili R/C JHS

Speakers in Swag

Vincent @ Gumani Methodist JHS